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Naval Bar Shot
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This is a naval bar shot from the Revolutionary War period. These type munitions were used during naval battles to damage opposing ships sails, rigging and masts. When the cannon was fired the projectile left the tube and began to rotate. They were sometimes referred to as "angels", because of their flight characteristics. This one is made up of two spherical half balls connected by a square bar. It measures 10" long. The connecting bar is 6 1/2" and 5/8" wide. The half balls are 3" in diameter. As ships transitioned from sails to steam driven engines these type munitions became a thing of the past. An example of this type of cannon shell can be found in Neumann and Kravic's book "Collector's Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution" on page 12. Here is an opportunity to own a pretty rare projectile from America's war for independence.
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