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No 4 Mark II Bayonet, Scabbard and Frog
Item #: AA3627
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The Number 4 spike bayonet was the result of a 20 year series of studies, experiments and trials seeking to find a lighter and handier substitute for the Pattern 1907 bayonet. The Lee Enfield No. 4 Mark I rifle was approved by the British government in November of 1940, along with the No.4 Mark I bayonet. As the war progressed, the No 4 bayonet evolved, becoming the Mark II and eventually the Mark III. This is an example of the No 4 Mark II bayonet that was produced by the Crown Corporation Small Arms Limited, Long Branch, Ontario, Canada. This company produced approximately 910,000 of these bayonets from 1942 through 1944. The bayonet measures 10" in overall length, with an 8" spike blade. It could use a good cleaning to get rid of the old grease and a couple of surface rust spots. The stamp No 4 MK II with the superimposed LB stamp of the Long Branch are still legible. The bayonet is housed in a Mark I scabbard. It retains most of the original finish, but could also use some TLC. The frog is made of webbing and resembles the US M5 scabbard. It is unmarked and remains in very good condition. With a little help this No 4 Mark II bayonet group will display fine, and add some wow factor to your Lee Enfield SMLE collection!
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Item # AA3627
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