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1800's 50 Round Leather Rifle Ammunition Cartridge Belt
Item #: AA3585
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This is a leather ammunition belt with double leather loops for rifle shells. The belt does not have a size stamped into it, but looks to fit from about a size 28 waist out to a size 34 or so. One end of the belt has a nickel plated clip corner frame buckle to attach the adjustable free end to. There are fifty leather cartridge loops for rifle cartridges, looks like a .30 caliber would fit them. There are no holes, rips or tears on the belt. About 50% of the original lining remains on the leather. This one does not come with a holster. Still in very good condition, this would make a great little belt for the Cowboy or western reenactor or trick shooter.
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
Item # AA3585

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