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WWII German Infantry Assault Badge
Item #: AA3575
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This is a World War II German Infantry Assault Badge in silver. The badge in silver was introduced 20 December, 1939 by Generaloberst Walther Von Brauchitsch. The award was authorized for officers, NCO's and enlisted men of non motorized Infantry and Mountain Infantry units. While the award criteria varied the main qualification was to have participated in three separate Infantry assaults. This badge is made of zinc and retains nearly 100% of the original silver wash. It is comprised of an oval wreath with a Nazi eagle at the top clutching a canted swastika in it's talons. A slanted K98 rifle with fixed bayonet and sling is super imposed on the wreath with the muzzle at the top left and the butt on the bottom right. The back of the wreath is solid while the eagle and rifle are hollow. It has a round pin that rotates on a crimped hinge. A round brass wire catch is located at the bottom of the badge. There is no makers mark present on the back of the badge. This will make a fine addition to your WWII German collection.
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Item # AA3575
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