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Mid 1800's Cow Horn Powder Flask
Item #: AA3181
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This is a powder flask made from a cow horn from the mid 1800's. The horn measures 16 1/2" in length, 3 1/2" across the butte plug and 3/4" across the spout. The horn has aged nicely and shows no cracks or splits. The butte plug is held secure with brass pins. What ever it was that was used to attach the rawhide suspension strap to is missing from the butte plug, along with the strap. The spout plug is missing. The size of this one makes me think it was used to store powder in more than carry it around. There is an old tag on it that reads powder horn in cursive. This one was picked up in Bean Station, Tennessee and will make a good display piece for your Long Rifle collection or frontier collection.
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
Item # AA3181

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