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United Confederate Veteran Period Battle Flag
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This is a United Confederate Veterans battle flag circa 1910 - 1930. The flag measures 53" tall and 94" wide. It is completely machine sewn, including the stars. The stitching on this two panel flag is as strong today as when it was made. The red, white and blue colors are very vibrant. The condition of this flag is not pristine, but it can still be displayed on the wall. The wool bunting material is dry rotted and has numerous holes. It is a double sided flag, but has had a stiff cotton backer sewn onto one side to help stabilize the integrity of the flag. The grommets are made of zinc and still retain a bright finish. The size of the flag prohibits it from being carried on a staff. I believe this flag was intended to be used as a banner and was hung on the wall of a UCV hall during reunions. Pinned to the flag is a reunion badge from the Georgia Division of the UCV for their 15th annual reunion held in 1913 at Brunswick, Georgia. I do not know if this flag was present at that reunion or not. The ribbon for the badge is missing, and coupled with the flag's condition, it makes you wonder if these two have been together since 1913! Either way, it still makes for a fantastic display. If you have the room, this piece will really spice up the ol' war room!
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