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1880's Water Color Painting Confederate Flags
Item #: AA1952
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This is a late 1880's water color portrait of the different Confederate flags used during the American Civil War. The picture has an antique frame and a single oval cut mat. The frame measures 19 5/8" tall, with a width of 6 3/8". The portrait itself, within the mat opening, measures 12" tall and 8 3/4" wide. It depicts six flags on standards used by the Confederacy during the war. On the far left is the Confederate battle flag. The flag second from left is obscured by the battle flag, but could possibly be the single star Bonnie Blue flag. Third from the left is the Confederate First National flag with thirteen stars, while third from right is the Confederate Third National flag. Between the third and first flags from the right is another possible Bonnie Blue flag. The flag first from right is one I am not familiar with. It appears to be another Confederate battle flag, but instead of red it looks to be white. On the back of the frame, hand written, is the name of the artist and her home address. Also a small cut out of a book listing Confederate flags from a book or magazine article. It is written, "ANNIE F. WINKLER/1112 E St/N. WILKESBORO, NC". Written below that is an inscription stating "picture painted around last of 1880's. There is some period writing below the flags just under the mat, but it would require the frame being taken apart to read it. I will leave that to the new owner! This is a unique piece of Civil War history that displays well and will add some color to the war room!
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Item # AA1952
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