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Late 1800's Crow Woman's Saddle
Item #: AA1935
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This is a Crow Indian woman's saddle circa 1870 - 1890. This graceful style of saddle was derived from a Spanish/Moorish style and adapted to native materials. It was modified to suit the tastes of the Northern Plains tribes. Highly prized by the Crow, decorated saddles were used on dress occasions on women's horses as well as the men's. This is an open tree saddle with a raised pommel and cantle made out of cottonwood. The tops are carved into large flat horizontal discs that were used to hang the beaded and wool cloth covered tanned hide flaps. The upright frame is is attached to the wood slat side pieces with strips of hide, then the entire saddle tree is covered with wet rawhide. The wet rawhide is stretched tightly and then stitched to form a very tight casing. A prong of deer antler is added to the pommel and serves to hang a cradle board from when traveling long distances. The late 1800's Crow saddle is in very good condition. It measures 10" wide, 20" long and is 15" from the bottom of the wood slat to the top of the cantle disc. The rawhide covered tree is in very good condition, with no loose or broken stitching. The pommel disc does have a problem though, it appears to be partially broken where it joins the upright. The entire saddle is covered with a tanned hide and cloth cover. The stitching on the separate panels is strong and unbroken. Each wooden slat has a leather pad attached to it by strips of hide. Overall the saddle is in good condition. If you have a Native American collection this Crow Indian woman's saddle will really spice it up!
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Item # AA1935
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