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John Bell Hood CDV
Item #: AA493
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Rare salt print CDV of Major General John Bell Hood. Born in Owingsville, Ky in 1831, Hood attended West Point in the early 1850's and served in California and Texas with the Infantry and Cavalry. He resigned from the Union Army in 1861 and joined the Confederate Army in Texas as a Cavalry Captain. He was quickly promoted to the rank of Colonel and took command of the 4th Texas Infantry. He served as a brigade commander during the Seven Days battles, and led a charge at Gaines Mill that broke the Union line. He was promoted to the rank of Major General and became a division commander in 1862. Eventually Hood would be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General and command the Army of Tennessee. As a brigade and division commander John Bell Hood had few equals, Union or Confederate. His bravery and aggressive leadership style often bordered on recklessness. Leading attacks from the front, Hood was severely wounded at Gettysburg and lost the use of his left arm. Leading a charge at Chickamauga he was wounded and lost his right leg. By the time he took command of the Army of Tennessee, Hood often had to tie himself to his saddle. His defeats at the Battles of Franklin and Nashville led to his relief of command, at his own request. After the war, Hood moved to New Orleans and lived with his wife and children until his death in 1879. Salt paper prints were popular in the 1840-1850's, but by the 1860's were very rare. This print is in very good condition. Hood is in the uniform of a Major General. His frock coat is outfitted with Texas state buttons. A rare print of a fierce Confederate fighting General! If you collect Civil War images, your collection won't be complete without this one!
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Item # AA493

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