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Late 1800's Kansas GAR Veteran
Item #: AA3246
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This is a cabinet card image of an unknown Grand Army of the Republic veteran circa 1890-1905. The visible image measures 3 7/8" wide by 5 1/2" tall. It is housed on a cardboard backer that measures 4 1/4" wide by 6 1/2" tall. The corners of the backer are rounded. The condition of the image is very good. The upper left corner is torn slightly on the back side only. A previous owner has this one displayed using small tacks, and there are four small holes along the edge of the cabinet card. There is no damage to the image at all. The image shows an unidentified GAR member in his later years, I believe in a seated pose with a plain back drop. He is wearing an open civilian single breasted jacket, vest, and a white shirt with no tie. He wears a GAR Medal on the left side of his vest. He has a long beard that has begun to turn gray, but his slicked back hair still looks dark. He looks to be in his sixties when this photograph was taken. The studio's name and location are printed on the front of the cardboard backer, "Ethan J. Allen Glen Elder, Kansas". I have not been able to find any information on the Fowler studio. The back of the cabinet card is decorated pretty elaborately with Allen's studio art and address. The image is very clear, displays well and will compliment any GAR or image collection.
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Item # AA3246

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