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Andrew Chernak Pewter Figurine General Lewis Armistead
Item #: AA1948
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This is a pewter figurine from Andrew Chernak entitled "LEWIS A. ARMISTEAD". The pewter figure of General Armistead rallying his troops during Pickett's Charge comes on an attractive oval wooden base that measures 4 1/4" by 3 1/4" and is approximately 6" tall. The figurine is highly detailed, depicting Armistead holding his saber above his head with his slouch hat impaled on it. He is climbing over the stone wall at "The Angle", holding his saber with his right hand. His left hand rests on his left thigh. The General is hatless, wearing a double breasted frock coat, trousers and knee boots. He grasps the sword by the hilt, his slouch hat waving at the tip of the blade. His slouch hat is done in great detail, with the hat cord plainly visible. The General wears a sash with his waist belt and two piece buckle. His holstered revolver is worn by his right hip., an empty scabbard at his left hip. On the ground between Armistead's feet is a Union kepi that belonged to the 4th US Artillery. The figurine is marked on the back with the artist's signature Andrew L Chernak, a copyright mark and the date 1998. The limited edition run of 5000 shows this one to be number 150. A simple banner on the front with the inscription "Lewis A. Armistead" describes the figure. Brigadier General Lewis Armistead was a brigade commander in Major General George Pickett's division. He was mortally wounded leading his brigade on the third day of battle at Gettysburg during "Pickett's Charge". It would make a great desk ornament or a decorator piece in your war room, perhaps the perfect birthday or Christmas gift!
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
Item # AA1948

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