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Andrew Chernak Pewter Figure "Louisiana The Washington Artillery"
Item #: AA1800
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This is a pewter figurine from Andrew Chernak entitled "LOUISIANA The Washington Artillery". The pewter figure of a Confederate soldier holding a cannon rammer comes on an attractive oval wooden base that measures 4 1/4" by 3 1/4" and is approximately 5" tall. The figurine is highly detailed, depicting a Confederate gunner from the Washington Artillery holding a rammer. He is standing, holding a rammer with his left hand. His right hand is covering his left ear as he faces away from the unseen artillery piece. The gunner is wearing a kepi, artillery shell jacket over a battle shirt, exposed suspenders with his trousers and knee high boots with spurs. He holds the rammer with the sponge end up in the air, the rammer end on the ground by his foot. A small stump is by hs left foot. His kepi is done in great detail, having the crossed cannon of the Artillery branch and the letters WA below it. The figurine is marked on the back with the artist's signature Andrew L Chernak, a copyright mark and the date 1998. The limited edition run of 2500 shows this one to be number 48. A simple banner on the front with the inscription "Louisiana The Washington Artillery" describes the figure. It would make a great desk ornament or a decorator piece in your war room, perhaps the perfect birthday or Christmas gift!
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
Item # AA1800

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