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Ronald Cameron Pewter Union Infantry Major
Item #: AA1693
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This is a pewter figurine from Ronald Cameron entitled "Union Infantry Major". The pewter figure of a Union officer advancing with drawn sword and revolver does not come with a wooden base and is approximately 4 3/4" tall. The figurine is highly detailed, depicting a Union Major advancing in front of his men with his saber in his right hand and a revolver in his left hand. He is moving past either a broken wagon or cannon wheel. The Major is wearing a slouch hat, double breasted frock coat, sash and waist belt with holster with his trousers and brogans. He appears to be calling over his shoulder, possibly trying to rally his men to follow him. The figurine is marked on the bottom with "Blues & Grays", UNION INFANTRY MAJOR, BG12, WAPW copyright symbol and U.K. It would make a great desk ornament or a decorator piece in your war room, perhaps the perfect birthday or Christmas gift!
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
Item # AA1693

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