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CDV of a Union Soldier
Item #: AA1241
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This is a Carte De Vista of a Union soldier in a studio setting in front of a camp back drop. The card measures 2 7/16" wide and 3 15/16" tall. The soldier is dressed in standard Infantry attire, enlisted 9 button frock coat, trousers, waist belt with US buckle, .58 caliber cartridge box with breast plate on the strap and bayonet scabbard on the belt. He is wearing standard issue brogans. The kepi is a little confusing though, as it appears to have artillery brass on it. He is holding a Springfield rifle musket with fixed bayonet. The back drop depicts a federal camp beside a body of water. A frame tents and a Sibley tent are shown along with an artillery piece and an American flag on a pole. The back drop also has another soldier with his back to the viewer, appearing to be pulling sentry duty near the water. There is no back mark on the card, but there is writing in pencil. What looks to be A S Sand is written in pencil at the top of the card, possibly the name of the soldier. The numbers 00-247 are also written on the back, an inventory number perhaps. The image is very clear, with no blemishes. The edges are straight and uncut. This is a nice example of a Civil War soldier depicted in a camp setting.
Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Item # AA1241

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