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1870's New York Militia CDV
Item #: AA1173
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This is a Carte De Vista made between 1878 and 1882 of two Militia officers. The CDV measures 2 7/16" wide and 3 15/16" high. The top border of the CDV has been trimmed off, other than that it is in very good condition. The image has great clarity and contrasts well with the background. The image, in a studio setting, shows two Lieutenants in uniform holding Model 1855 rifles. Their uniforms consist of Model 1858 Shako hats with pompoms and NG state seal badges. They both wear New York style coatees, leather belts with Model 1839 belt plates and Model 1855 bayonet scabbards. Not quite sure what the small chains are hanging down in the front of their belts. The CDV is back marked "A W.F. MacCollin,/Imperial/Photogragh Rooms,/S E Cor. 3rd & Pine Sts,/Holden's Building/Willaimsport, PA." MacCollin had a photography studio at this address from 1878 through 1882. This is a very good image from taken during the Indian Wars era, and will display well in your collection.
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Item # AA1173

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