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WWII Bulgarian "Coconut" Canteen
Item #: AA3608
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This is an aluminum canteen used by the Bulgarian Army during World War II. It is pretty much a copy of the German Army canteen used during WWII. The aluminum canteen body has a cover made of wood veneer that gives it the appearance of a coconut. The canteen measures approximately 9" in length and 6" at the widest point. One side of the canteen is concave in design to allow a good fit against the soldier's hip when worn on a belt. The wood veneer cover is in very good condition, showing just enough wear to have been used but not abused. The aluminum cap still retains the cork seal. The attachment hook is made of steel, retains most of the original finish and has minimal rust. Overall this is a very good example of a WWII Bulgarian Army canteen that will compliment an WWII Axis powers collection.
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Item # AA3608
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