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Revolutionary War Halberd Head
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This is a halberd head from the American Revolutionary War period. I believe this one is a hand forged American made halberd from the 1770-1780's time period. The tri fold weapon has a 7 1/2" spear point blade in the center with a small crescent shaped blade on side of the cross section and a curved bridle cutter on the other side. During the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries these pole arms were used as two handed melee weapons. By the time of the American revolution these were more of a status symbol than a combat weapon. NCO's carried them and used them to dress their lines and at times discipline troops more than actual fighting. But in an emergency the halberd could still be a formidable weapon in the hands of a trained combatants. The blade could be used to fend off attackers much the same as a pike. When mounted on a six foot haft the axe could cause serious damage when swung in an arc. The cutter could be used to cut the reins of a mounted opponent, or even pull him off the horse. This halberd has an even, dark aged patina. There is pitting evident over the surface of the halberd, along with forging flaws. The head is mounted on a broken haft that measures 11 3/4" in length. It has been cut off squarely to remove the splintered part of the wood. A 4" iron collar is at the top of the haft and matches the appearance of the halberd perfectly. For those with limited wall space, this will make the perfect example of an American made Revolutionary War period halberd.
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Item # AA3453
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