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WWI Imperial German Model 1895 Infantry Pickelhaube
Item #: AA2900
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This is an Imperial German Model 1895 Prussian line Infantry pickelhaube used during World War I. The Model 1895 was the last in the evolution of the pre 1914 spiked helmets worn by the German army. The lacquered leather helmet is in very good condition. There is some minor crazing and slight cracks, that's to be expected with leather that's almost 110 years old! The interior of the helmet shows some cracks as well, but is still very sound. The original leather liner is intact, though one of the fingers is torn where the adjustment string laces through. The actual adjustment string has been replaced with a modern piece of blue cord. A beautiful brass colored Prussian state eagle is securely mounted to the front of the helmet. It is attached by the use of two leather wedges in the soldered loops of the eagle that have passed through grommets in the helmet. The eagle clutches a scepter in one talon and a crown in the other. A banner spreads across the eagle that reads "MIT GOTT FUR KOENIG UND VATTERLAND", which translates to "With God for King and Country". The crown of the helmet has a brass vented enlisted mans spike mounted on a brass base plate. The spike is not removable, and does not rotate. The chin strap lugs have the correct cockades, black and white for Prussia on the left and red, white and black for Germany on the right. The rear spine of the helmet has the covered vent, to help improve cooling for the Infantry soldier on the march. It slides to make it adjustable, and was only used on Infantry helmets. The front leather visor with brass trim is in very good condition. The stitching is still very strong and unbroken. The rear visor unfortunately has some issues. It is 100% intact, but almost all of the stitching is broken, being retained only by a small section on the left hand side. On the inside of the rear visor is the only stamp found on the helmet, 20R. I cannot find a makers mark, date of any unit information. This helmet still displays like a million buscks, and will do justice to any Imperial German collection.