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WWII Japanese Type 90 Helmet
Item #: AA1922
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This is a Japanese Type 90 helmet used during World War II. This helmet was adopted by the Japanese military in 1932 and was the standard combat helmet used during WII. The helmet consisted of a steel shell, leather liner and cloth chin strap system. The shell was dome shaped and had a short rim that ran all the way around it. The steel used for the shell was inferior chrome molybdenum and proved to be very susceptible to penetration by shrapnel and small arms fire. The leather liner consisted of three pads that had small pouches to hold padding. These helmets were issued in two sizes, small and large. The padding could be used to "fit" a large helmet to a soldier with a medium size head, in addition to making for a more comfortable fit for the soldier. The cloth chin strap system was a carry over from the Kabuto Samurai helmet. The insignia adopted for wear on the front of helmets worn by the Imperial Japanese Army was a five pointed star. Helmets worn by the Imperial Japanese Navy (Marines) had an anchor on the front. The Japanese soldiers and Marines called them tetsukabuto, or "steel helmet". This Type 90 helmet is a veteran's bring back from the Pacific theater of WWII. The shell retains over 90% of the original mustard khaki paint on the interior and exterior of the helmet. The star of the Imperial Japanese Army remains on the front of the helmet. All rivets and attaching rings for the liner and chin straps are still in place. The shell was very prone to crack, but this one is free of any such cracks. The liner is still with the helmet and is securely attached. All three of the pads are present, and two pouches still have padding in them. The chin straps are present, but are no longer full length. Kanji size in the rear of the shell identifies this helmet as a large. I have been able to translate some of the kanji written on the inside and outside of the shell. There are two names, Kawamura and Oshita. I believe the soldier who wore this helmet is Kawamura, and perhaps Oshita was in his chain of command. The remainder seems to have no specific meaning that I can make out. It is clear enough to someone who can really read Japanese to be fully translated. Overall the helmet displays well and will compliment any WWII collection or display.
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