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4 Pounder Solid Shot Cannonball
Item #: AA1464
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This is a 4 pounder solid shot cannonball from the American Revolutionary war period. The projectile measure 3.10" in diameter and weighs approximately 4.6 pounds. These projectiles were fired from French made 4 pound, horse drawn "galloper" field cannon used by the Continental Army. The four pounders had a range of 1000 to 1200 yards and were mainly used as anti personnel weapons at ranges of 400 yards or closer. The solid shot balls would often skip across the ground into enemy formations, with deadly results. It could also be used against enemy structures and fortifications, as well as for counter battery fire. I do not know the exact location this one was recovered from, only that it came out of Virginia. The projectile retains a nice chocolate brown patina, while it's slightly irregular shape makes me think this was made in the colonies.
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Item # AA1464
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