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Springfield Model 1873/1879 Trapdoor Rifle
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This is a Model 1873 Springfield with 1879 improvements applied. There was no official Model 1879 designated, and for the most part they have the same general configuration as the Model 1873 rifle. There are four major differences that will help determine whether the rifle is a true 1873 or whether it has the enhancements of the 1879. All 1879 guns are serial numbered between 100,000 and 280,000. The first distinction is that the breechblock is not of the high arch type, but is a low arch type. Second, the date "1873" is not on the lockplate. The third factor applies to the carbine version, having the stock drilled for an implement compartment that was accessed through the butt plate. The fourth major difference concerns the rear sights. There were four different types, each having higher side rails and a 'buckhorn" sight on the slide. The ramrod had a small button tip and a cleaning patch slot just below it. There is a front and rear sling swivel and a stacking swivel. This particular gun has the thicker butt plate introduced in 1881. The trigger guard is a two piece design. Another noticeable characteristic of the 1879 enhanced guns is the thicker, wider receiver. The receiver is no longer flush with the barrel. These enhancements are what cause this model of trapdoor to be referred to as the Model 1873/1879. The overall condition of this trapdoor rifle is excellent! It is in original configuration, having an overall length of 51 3/4", with a barrel length of 32 1/2". The exterior of the barrel retains over 95% of the original bluing. It has a smooth, none pitted surface and is stamped V/P/Eaglehead near the breech. There is also an R stamped into the top of the barrel just forward of the breech.The 45-70 caliber bore is in excellent condition, showing very strong rifling and absolutely no pitting. The front sight is the thin blade type pinned to the sight base. The rear sight is the high wall type with a R stamped on the left side ramp. The base is graduated out to 500 yards, the leaf sight out to 1200 yards. All the reaming hardware retains good to excellent bluing, with the barrel bands showing the most wear, both having the U stamped on them. The breechblock is stamped U.S./MODEL/1873. The serial number of 194250 is stamped on the breech. The lockplate is stamped U.S./SPRINGFIELD in front of an Eagle forward of the hammer with no date. The three position tumbler locks in all positions and the mechanics are strong. The butt plate has a deep US stamped into it. The wood on this gun is practically flawless. The edges are crisp and straight and shows a beautiful, rich medium brown color. The square cartouche of SWP/1882 is crisp and very legible on the left side of the wrist. The proof P within a circle is also very crisp and clear behind the trigger guard. The only signs of honest wear and use are around the butt plate. These guns were used during the Indian Wars all the way through the early 1900's by the Army. If you have an Infantry Indian Wars or Spanish American/Philippines War collection this is what you need to represent the long arm used back then!
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