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Excavated Bullets and Relics From Virginia
Item #: AA1339
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This is a shadow box of mixed excavated Civil War artifacts recovered from across the state of Virginia. The display case is made of oak and measures 24" wide, 18" high and 3" deep. The relics in the case were recovered from locations all across Virginia. There were more battles fought in Virginia than any other state. They were recovered on private property with the land owners permission. The contents include both dropped and fired musket and pistol bullets. There are approximately 100 bullets, the majority of them being .58 caliber Minnie's. A couple of .69 caliber round balls were recovered as well as some conical pistol bullets. There is one large roller buckle, the type used with saddles, and a couple of smaller ones. A small clip corner plate, harmonica reed, piece of silverware, 18 coat and cuff size flat buttons and 1 eagle I button are also included in the collection. A large piece of foam covered with red felt holds the relics securely in the case. This relic case is perfect for the Virginia bullet collector in the family!