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General McClellan and Wife Lithograph
Item #: AA976
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This is a lithograph of George McClellan and his wife Ellen Mary Marcy McClellan. The lithograph was made from a portrait photograph of the couple made by F. Gutekunst in 1864. It measures approximately 4" high and 2 1/2" wide. The image is very sharp and has great clarity. McClellan is shown standing to the right of his wife, who is seated. The General has struck the Napoleanic pose with his left hand thrust into his frock coat while his right hand is behind his back. He is dressed in the uniform of a Major General. Mrs. McClellan is wearing a long formal dress and has a glove on her left hand. She has a subdued smile on her face. At the bottom of the image is stamped GEN Mc CLELLAN AND WIFE. The upper right corner of the image is slightly bent over. There is no backmark on the image, just two sets of numbers in pencil. The image is encased in an acrylic case.
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs
Item # AA976

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