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Wild Bill Hickok Pewter Figurine by Jim Ponter 1987 Franklin Mint
Item #: AA3197
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This is a pewter figurine of "Wild Bill" Hickok done by Jim Ponter for the Franklin Mint in 1987. The fine pewter figure stands 9 3/4" tall, and depicts Hickok with two drawn Model 1851 Colt Navy pistols turning to face an opponent. The scene depicts what must be a bar room, with an overturning chair with Hickok's overcoat draped over one arm just behind Wild Bill. Scattered across the plank floor is an overturned spittoon, poker chips or coins, a whiskey bottle and playing cards. The figure of Hickok is very detailed and extremely well done. He is wearing his famous flat, wide brim hat, long sleeve shirt with vest and bow tie and pants with boots. There is no gun belt on Hickok or anywhere in the figurine. This figurine was offered by the Franklin Mint in 1987 with a limited edition of only 4500 being produced. If you have a Old West collection this will really look great in it.
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
Item # AA3197

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