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Full Plate Tintype Union Soldier
Item #: AA1862
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This is a full plate tintype of a Union soldier taken during the Civil War. The image has good clarity and definition. It shows a young soldier seated, wearing a shell jacket and a US oval belt plate on his belt. He is not wearing any headgear or holding a weapon. The coat has a standing collar but there is no piping visible. The seven visible buttons appear to be eagle buttons, but I can't make out if they are General Service, Cavalry or Artillery. The image is housed in an old oval wooden frame. The frame is black and shows some definite age, wear and tear. A home made oval mat has been added with the image, which covers up the soldiers waist area. The image is just a little dark, but ou are able to easily make out the soldiers facial features. He sports a full beard and has medium length dark hair that looks to have just had a hat removed for the photo. There are no marks or anything written on the reverse of the image. This is just a nice full plate image of a young Union soldier off to war.
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs
Item # AA1862

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